North West Knows Not to Touch Kim Kardashian’s Face When She’s Wearing Makeup



She knows…

Kim Kardashian West has made it no secret she’s serious about makeup (she’s the new face of Pat McGrath’s new makeup collection, for example), and her daughter, North West, knows it, too.

The 3-year-old tot, who has a thing for a bold lip and splash of eye shadow herself, makes sure not to mess up her mum’s makeup when she has a fresh look. In a particularly adorable clip from Sunday night’s episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, little Northie proved just that during a chat with Kim about possibly expanding their family Suits & Blazers.

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After sweetly answering “yes” and “no” when Kim asked if she wanted a little brother or sister Knitwear, she goes on to say, “I want you to have a boy and a girl … that would make me so happy.” Then, after a quick read of a Frozen series book Tops & T-Shirts, the tiny fashionista asks her mum a serious question: “Do you have [on] makeup?”

When Kim tells her she doesn’t, she sweetly leans over in her leopard print top and choker, and gives her a ton of kisses all over her face.

It was clear North knows not to smother her Mum with smooches if she has a face full of foundation—which we would expect from a budding makeup guru like her. Last November, she first showed off her skills when she put some makeup on Khloé Kardashian— which her aunt showed off on Snapchat .